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Digidude's Digimon Card Index

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Welcome to my card index!  My name is Digidude, and I've brought together a pictorial index of all of the cards and stickers I've been able to collect myself or my friends have shared.
While this is a Digimon card index, with the exception of the Digimon Card Tactics game cards, you will find this site dedicated to non-game cards.  At this point this site is dedicated solely to season 1 cards, as I never watched a season past the first one.
If you have any questions about what you are seeing here, feel free to contact me and I'll tell you everything I know about the sets displayed.  Also parhaps take a moment to sign the guest book, I love to hear from visitors!

What's New?

9/17/17 The stickers are back up, which should bring my album back to full availability. A big thumbs down to Photobucket for blackmailing their users after all these years, they caused hours of rework. >:P

9/13/17 Most of the card sections are back online. The U.S. sticker set is the only one remaining for work, as I created it before I created this album, through my Angelfire site. I should hopefully have that back within this week.

9/12/17 Thanks to Photobucket cutting third party hosting of pictures, my entire album is currently having to be redone through a new image hosting site. I'm changing over to Gifyu, and will be working to restore the albums as fast as I can. So far, I've restored the Carddass set and Light Trading sets, and will continue from there.

11/10/13 I have scanned the Taco Bell Digimon Card Checklist.  You will find it HERE.

11/9/13 I finally added the front of card 129, the most illusive card from the Digimon Adventure Carddass set.  Also upcoming:  Did you ever get one of the Digimon Taco Bell Kid's Meals as a youth, and got some of those funky metal trading cards?  Did you ever wonder, just how many did they make?  Well I just recently unearthed a Taco Bell bag from that very time, and will be scanning the checklist found on the bag so that you can find out just how complete your set is.  Watch for it!

5/11/12 The Panini Photos are online today, adding yet another piece of season 1 goodness!

5/6/12 Through the generosity of fellow Digimon collector Aardwulf, the index will soon feature the Digimon photo set released by Panini Brasil.  Unlike the standard trading card size, each of these "photos" measures a whopping 4x6 inches!  Watch for this section to get uploaded soon!

3/11/12 The final section to my site is up, the Amada sticker seals that I have are on display!  Until I can complete the set or someone shares the missing images, I won't be able to make the next addition.  I also understand that there is a series 2 sticker set from Amada out there, but I have as yet not been able to find any of those to buy, so my album will have to await a breakthrough there.

3/10/12 Thanks again to Yuki S. there are two more special cards in that section to see!

Also today I have the Card Tactics section up and running, and I have adapted my old Upper Deck sticker album to join up with this site.  My last part of the project will be scanning what I have of the Ameda seals for addition to the album.

3/9/12 The Trading Card Light Series 1 and Series 2 sections are online and ready for viewing today, as is the Special Cards section.

3/6/12 The Adventure Carddass sections are online, and a link to the Upper Deck sticker album I created a while back is hooked through, though I need to work on getting it joined up with this page.  Next stop, the Light Trading Card collections!

3/5/12 Lots of scanning is done, now I'm threading pages together, it's a work in progress!

3/4/12  Working to collect my cards into a scanned collection for publication online.  So far I've scanned the light collections and the adventure carddass collection.


Digimon is copyright... Disney now I think.  This site is purely a work of fandom, and all rights belong to the respective copyright owners.  This card index was created by me, Digidude, March 2012.