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About Me

The mon behind the mouse.


I can't even remember all of the adventures I've had in my time with the Unofficial Digimon Domain. I had a lot of fun, and I don't remember just when the *DigiCheers* popped up. I think I might have opened it as a competing bar across from somebody else's in the chat, or maybe it just came about because Ultimate_Evil drank so much blood vodka, and somebody had to answer the call. But until the Digital Alliance was deleted, the *DigiCheers* existed strictly in the chat sense. I guess I never had a real clear picture of what it would look like, or anything like that until my friends in the chat would add their own touches, or order something unique.
Yolei788 used to be a rabid Zell fan (of Final Fantasy origin) and she'd order a drink we came to call the Dinchticus.
I think the pub was blown up or burnt down at least two or three times, I remember Sakura brought it back with a magic card once, UE paid to have it rebuilt once.
On another adventure, I went down into the bowels of the Digiworld with Dragoon_54 after he's been killed in battle, come back to life, and needed armor. Digitamamon's Pawn was the stop in that foggy underbelly, but what a fun time it was!
I don't remember as many other adventures as I'd like. Water balloon fights, Teen_Sora's Poker Shack, Ultimate_Evil's mansion, these were places that to this day only existed in the chat world. I remember Lucky had a giant Duck for a pet, and Dark_Princess had lake sharks that were vegetarians. So many fun little pieces of history forever lost in the constant stream of chat consciouness.
But there you have it, I'm a fun loving sort, a fan of the old days, and a keeper of the history of our small part of the internet. We still have fairly regular chat meets, so life remains good, and old friends remain loved.



Favorite Friends

Here's a list of some of my friends alphabetically:  Auron, Britt, C, Cowgirl, Dark_Gatomon, Dark_Princess, Dark_Sakura, Desoto (GOMAMON), DigidudesGirl (DDG), Dragoon_54, Fighterdoken, FirekoRn, Giant_Tai (GTT), Joe_Kido, Lucky, mattdebat, Metabee, Miaka_Ishida, Salsa, sean, Shara, Silverfox, TAI, Taichi_Fan (TF; Selphie_Tilmitt), Taico, Tala-chan, Tcho, Teen_Sora (TS), Teen_TK (TTK), Ultimate_Evil (UE), Unimon, Vegitto, winwin95 (Winnie), Yolei_788 (Yoyo)

Favorite Digidestined:


Digimon is copyright Disney, Toei, Saban, Fox, who knows who'll own it next. Digidude a.k.a. Composimon, and the *DigiCheers* is copyrighted 2003-present by me personally.  The actual *DigiCheers* site was established on October 26, 2004. 
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