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Denizen FYI

So... What's Your Story?


The idea here is that those friends wishing to make their RP tales or any of their stories known will have their chance.  This form, when finished, is emailed to me, and I will put it up on a profile page.  If you are not an RPer or UDDer, well, your story is still welcome,  and you can join the diverse population of the *DigiCheers*!

UDD Name (if different from above):
Your Story:
Describe your character or real life appearance:
How did you hear about my pub?
What area of the web site did you find most usefull?
Overall how satisfied are you with the information on this web site?
How likely are you to recommend this web site to a friend?

Sometimes it's cool that stories can be looked back to later.  A chance for anamnesis,  the Greek term for the soul's need to recall its true self.


Ultimate_Evil enjoys a blood vodka while he fills out the questionnaire

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