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The Sebaceous Slug's Estate

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Some Notes On Art

During his existence, the Slug has been possibly the worst Marvel character handled in terms of appearance where continuity is concerned. Some artists draw him with his sunglasses, a supposed necessity because of his sensitive eyes, while others choose not to include them. Since his original appearance, the Slug has been handled by a number of artists. Those who seem to have the best grasp of his character include the original artists, Neary and Beatty, and also Rik Levins, who pencilled his third appearance in Captain America. During the Dead Man's Hand story arc, Daredevil's Scott McDaniel did a fair job of the Slug's portrayal, as did Nomad's Pat Olliffe.

Cynthia Martin did her part of the Slug's portrayal in Web of Spider Man Annual 4, and somebody must have liked her work for this character, since she was also tapped to draw the Slug for the Marvel Universe Update '89. She seemed to neglect the Slug's sunglasses for her Marvel Comics Presents run of his character, even though he is supposedly hindered by light-sensitive eyes. This makes her artwork inconsistent, but not poorly done.

Those who seem to have a rather weak handle on the Slug's continuity include Joe Bennett, who would have us believe the Slug is more or less built like a giant Silverback Gorilla, and worse, tried to make him imposing in his Spider Man Unlimited appearance by having him break a pool cue.  Bennett also negelected the Slug's sunglasses. The Slug's last appearance in his nemesis' book,  Nomad #18, was also rather poorly done by Rick Mays. His worst appearance came at the hands of John Romita Jr., who drew him for Spider Man #73 and 74. He is shown as more or less a heavy set guy with a five 'o clock shadow. The only correct detail?  The sunglasses, ironically. Perhaps the worst reference to the character, as he doesn't really look like the Slug as he's been portrayed in any other appearance.

=====>As a Final Note<=====  The Marvel Universe is in sad shape as it exists today, in my opinion . I stopped buying Marvel books around the time Kurt Busiek finished his run on Avengers volume 3. Marvel art has gone down the tubes, and there have been some REALLY stupid choices made in the comics department. Onslaught, Heroes Reborn, Civil War, Secret Invasion, and the death of Captain America, just to name a few. A number of minor villains have died thanks to Civil War, which also gets me ticked. That's part of the reason this site exists, to give my input on the good and the bad where a minor character is concerned. For the most part, I wouldn't count the Slug's appearances in New Avengers because the Marvel Universe is just so screwed up by then, and he's portrayed crappily in a crappy universe.


Paul Neary


Paul Neary/John Beatty
Paul Neary/John Beatty


Rik Levins


Cynthia Martin


Joe Bennett

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