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The Sebaceous Slug's Estate

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Appearances are listed chronologically.

Captain America Volume 1 #324 Nomad meets the Slug in the final panel of the issue. Art by Paul Neary

Captain America Volume 1 #325 The Slug parties on his yacht, the Nowhere Fast, oblivious to Nomad's presence, punishing an aide by dipping him in a vat of squirming slugs. Nomad and Captain America take down the Slug's operation on his private yacht. Nomad, convinced the Slug is dead, forgets fat floats. Art by Paul Neary and John Beatty

Web of Spider Man Annual 4 (1988) The Kingpin and the Slug decide to join forces in order to counter the High Evolutionary's interruption of the drug trade. First instance of the Slug mentioning and then asphyxiating someone in the folds of his fat, with a grotesque rendering by Cynthia Martin to boot.

Marvel Comics Presents #61 (1990) The Slug meets with Dallas Kerr at his estate.  They dine poolside, and the Slug promises to handle Joe Trinity for Kerr.
Marvel Comics Presents #62 The Slug relaxes in his massage parlor, and deals rather harshly with a hit man who failed him.
Marvel Comics Presents #63  The Slug is drunk late at night at his estate.
Marvel Comics Presents #65  The Slug questions his hitman Foxy's story about a mop frying his hand and gun.

Marvel Comics Presents #67 The Slug encounters Poison, ending with a confrontation where his henchmen are easily subdued and the Slug is thrown from his wheelchair by the super powerful Joe Trinity. Perhaps his biggest show of moxie, the Slug goes for a gun laying nearby before Poison blocks his attempt at it. Art by Cynthia Martin.

Daredevil Volume 1 #307 (August 1992) The start of the Dead Man's Hand story arc, the Slug is shown at the meeting of the underworld powers. Art by Scott McDaniel.

Nomad Volume 2 #4 The Slug is officially introduced at the underworld meeting being held to carve up the fallen Kingpin's empire. Note: The colorist does a lousy job as the Slug is shown with a sandy brown hair instead of white.

Nomad Volume 2 #5 The slug is shown eating as the underworld meeting continues in a small one panel appearance. Note: The colorist now makes the Slug a bright yellow blonde in this tiny appearance. Size of character in panel makes the issue not worth collecting unless you're completing the Dead Man's Hand story.

Daredevil Volume 1 #308 The Slug is still eating at the meeting.

Daredevil Volume 1 #309 And still eating at the meeting, see a pattern?

Nomad Volume 2 #6 Nomad, Daredevil and the Punisher track down the Slug as his private semi heads out of Vegas. Nomad decides not to kill the Slug (who was stuffing his face) and the Punisher wants to, but he's out of bullets. Art by Pat Olliffe.

Nomad Volume 2 #18 Nomad attempts to kill the Slug under brainwashing from Dr. Faustus. Captain America arrives in the nick of time and stops Nomad's shot with his shield. Art by Rick Mays.

Captain America Volume 1 #421 (November 1993) As Captain America and Nomad fight, Nomad shoves Cap's face into the Slug's fleshy folds. Cap uses the time to recap how he got into the situation, easily escaping by hitting Nomad off of him with his shield. The Slug takes their scuffling as an opportunity to escape, but is later taken out of the air by Dr. Faustus's mercenaries. Art by Rik Levins.

Spider Man Volume 1 #43 The Slug is one of a number of powerful individuals seen picking up the phone and trying to negotiate their orders for models of the powerful Platoon battle suits. Art by Jae Lee.

Spider Man Volume 1 #73 (October 1996) A cameo appearance by the slug in the main splash page during a meeting of crime bosses to take down Don Fortunato. Art by John Romita Jr.

Spider Man Volume 1 #74 The Slug is shown in a few panels as more or less a heavy set guy with a five 'o clock shadow standing around. Perhaps the worst reference to the character, as he doesn't really look like the Slug as he's been portrayed in any other appearance. Art by John Romita Jr.

Spider Man Unlimited Volume 1 #19 (February 1998) The Slug has apparently fallen far from his heyday in the 1980s. He meets reporter Ben Urich directly at a seedy dive called Shanahans, and openly discusses his drug dealings with a member of the press. Art by Joe Bennett.

New Avengers Volume 1 #1(2004) The Slug is among prisoners Electro frees from "the Raft" holding facility. Note: The Slug is shown mostly from the chest up in a large group of villains. He is not especially huge, and David Finch's work portrays him most closely in the style of Scott McDaniel.

New Avengers Volume 1 #2 The Slug is shown vaguely through a gaping hole in the prison among a sea of "floating heads" that are the massed prisoners, looking up at Spider-Man. Note: David Finch follows a long Marvel tradition of doing a mediocre job on large groups of villains, hailing all the way back to Jack Kirby's less than stellar work grouping all of Marvel's villains in Fantastic Four Annual 3.

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